December Classes

The December classes will be at Trippet Ranch. Topanga State Park. Parking is $5.

Please note all three groups will be doing Fall Harvest Native American crafts and studies (each will be different, but the same theme). A few days prior to the class I will send a reminder.
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All 3 will have a stone SOUP. Please bring a VEGETABLE or vegetarian addition to the soup. All three will have a hot tea. We will need parents to help with the soup and possibly a camp stove loan… this will be in addition to the children’s regular lunch.  Please bring your own bowl and spoon- we want to be environmentally sound.
Please plan on a small hike (close toed shoes please) and then crafts and games at the nature center.
WARNING: the 2 older groups will be using pocket knives in the crafts that day. We will have a big talk about correct/safe knife usage.

12/1 Bow and Arrows, crafts from Harvest  + stone soup (bring a soup addition & pocket knife)
please bring the mule fat arrow wood harvested on the last hike in MCSP, any acorns or rose hips harvested that day as well. 9:15 (please arrive 15 minutes) class starts @ 9:30  to 4:00  Trippet Ranch Parking lot
12/8 Bow and Arrow  + storytelling + stone soup holiday lunch (bring a soup addition & pocket knife)9:15 (please arrive 15 minutes) class starts @ 9:30  to 4:00  Trippet Ranch Parking lot

12/15 Chumash/Nature crafts TBD + stone soup holiday lunch (bring a soup addition)9:15 (please arrive 15 minutes) class starts @ 9:30  to 2:30  Trippet Ranch Parking lot



Hi Everyone.

This is the beginning of our Outdoor Education class blog.

Why Topanga Kids? Nature and kids come together in Topanga. And well, it seems the majority of the group, and its kinda catchy! Some of the kids live elsewhere, but they are all Topanga kids at heart.

Outdoor Education, with Rob! There are 3 levels of the classes hosted by Edie Irwin and taught by Rob Remedi in the Topanga CA home school community. We will use the blog to communicate class information and cut down on email. Won’t that be terrific!